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Lunettes de soleil avec correction

Sunglasses with Prescription

Sunglasses with Prescription

Sunglasses with Prescription: affordable, fashionable and quality. All online at

Sunglasses with Prescription

Affordable, quality glasses for all. See the Visio-Rx difference.

As we become aware of the risks of the sun on our skin, we are also providing our sight the same security with sunglasses with prescription.

If you need sunglasses with prescription, you can still take benefits of protection against harmful UV rays. These days the protection from UV in sunglasses with prescription is available with 100% security from UVA and UVB radiation.

When you purchase sunglasses with prescription, there are many choices for the type lens you would prefer. Some of the sunglasses with prescription choices are:

Solid Tinted– These contacts come in a strong shade, there are a extensive variety of shades with a choice of % of night.

Gradient Tinted– This is very stylish for sunglasses with prescription, and comes in different shades. Gradient tinted lenses are dark at the top and reduce to a less heavy shade at the bottom.

Polarized contacts – Best for decreasing glare from water, streets and the hood of the car. These are ideal for individuals who are outside a lot, who play sports or who work outdoors, and need sunglasses with prescription.

Photochromic Lenses -These are see-through inside and change into sunglasses when you go outside, as they are triggered by contact with UV light. This is most practical for individuals who do not like havint to change between their everyday glasses and their sunglasses with prescription.

Luckily, you can appreciate the same benefits of internet purchasing for regular glasses and sunglasses with prescription alike. Some reasons why many enjoy shopping with Visio-Rx for their sunglasses with prescription:

  • - Low prices
  • - Shop in your own home and have the item delivered right to you
  • - Browse a huge collection in peace without being bothered by salesmen
  • - Secure checkouts offered by PayPal
  • - We walk you through the check-out process step-by-step

Visio-Rx will provide you with all the accessories and tools you may need, and will also provide you with informative videos about adjusting glasses, putting lenses back in a frame, and replacing nose pads.

Wherever you buy your sunglasses with prescription, be sure that the web shop you select provides the technology needed to measure vertical fitting height; unfortunately, many websites fall short to deal with this. Visio-RX is currently the only website that has resolved this important problem. After purchasing, you can upload a few pictures which are used by their lab to draw out the appropriate measurements. This guarantees the ideal placement of the lenses in your sunglasses with prescription for your face and chosen frame.



Video: Learn why glasses are so expensive.


Video: President Rudi talks about all things Visio-Rx.


Video: Find out the importance of fitting lenses correctly


Les éléments suivants sont inclus dans le prix de chaque paire de lunettes :

  check mark Monture 
  check markVerres standards (+ Options abordables pour les verres plus fins)
  check mark Tous les revêtements de verre (Antireflet, Protection UV, Anti-rayure, Traitement EMI, Hydrophobe de base)
  check mark Etui rigide de votre choix
  check mark Chiffon de nettoyage en microfibre de votre choix
  check mark Outils 3-en-1 dans la couleur de votre choix
  check mark Excellent Service Client
  check mark 125% Garantie Prix le plus Bas
  check mark Garantie fabriquant d’un an
  check mark Pré-ajustement à votre visage gratuitement (via PerfectFit™)


Quelles autres raisons d’acheter vos lunettes en ligne chez nous ?

check mark  Plus de 2000 montures de qualité à la mode
check mark  Préparation et expédition à un prix fixe de 4.90€ par commande
check mark  Le Meilleur miroir virtuel dans le monde

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          check mark Mesure EP en ligne
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          check mark Plus de 60 vidéos
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